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The Kids are All Right, 2016 (Quillette)

The Rise of Donald J. Trump, 2016 (Quillette)

The Reality of Race, 2016 (Quillette) 

A Tale of Two Bell Curves, 2017 (Quillette)

Getting Voxed: The IQ Debate, 2017 (Quillette)

The Haunted Mind, 2017 (Quillette) 

Centrism: A Moderate Manifesto, 2017 (Quillette)

The Spirit of Centrism, 2017 (Quillette)

Equalitarianism and Progressive Bias, 2018 (Quillette)

Evolutionary Psychology and Philosophy, 2018 (Arc Digital) 

Conservatism: An Intellectual Defense, 2018 (Arc Digital) 

The Preachers of the Great Awokening, 2018 (Quillette) 

Progressivism and the West, 2019 (Quillette) 

In Defense of Scientism, 2019 (Quillette)  

The Twilight of Liberalism?, 2019 (Quillette)

I've Been Fired: Academic Freedom, 2020 (Quillette)  

Reactionary Liberalism, 2020 (Quillette) 

The Myth of Pervasive Misogyny, 2020 (Quillette) 

Why I am a Conservative, 2020 (Medium) 

A Return to Tradition
, 2021 (Quillette) 

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