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If You've Got it, Flaunt It, 2013 (PLoS ONE)

Darwin's Duel with Descartes, 2014 (Evolutionary Psychology) 

Grief Functions as an Honest Indicator of Commitment, 2014 (Personality and Social Psychology Review) 

Eastwood's Brawn and Einstein's Brain
, 2014 (Review of General Psychology) 
A Social Science without Sacred Values, 2015 
Coalitional Value Theory of Antigay Bias, 2016 (Evolutionary Behavioral Sciences) 

Human Biological and Psychological Variation, 2017 (Evolutionary Psychological Science) 

Equalitarianism, A Source of Liberal Bias, 2018 

The Status Competition Model of Cultural Production, 2018 (Evolutionary Psychological Science) 

Tribalism is Human Nature, 2019 (Current Directions in Psychological Science) 

Dodging Darwin, 2020 (Personality and Individual Differences) 

Tribalism in War and Peace, 2020 (Psychological Inquiry) 

Without Contraries is no Progression, 2020 (Psychological Inquiry) 

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